Success blog; / May 4, 2018



Ok, so here we are at week 3. We’re still talking about 6 ways to master next level thinking. Today, my challenge for you is to control your thought process! In order to get to the next level, you have to master your thoughts.

Well, today I want to be real specific about some thoughts.

Master loving those that hurt you, don’t support you, rejected you, talked about you, lied on you etc.!

You see if you master your feelings that you have towards them, then you master having your next level of increase, favor and breakthrough. You can’t allow anyone or anything to have you mentally frustrated, drained, insecure, jealous, unforgiving…you can’t allow that to control you! If you want next level, then you simply have to master the art of LOVE! No matter what…LOVE! No matter who did it….LOVE! No matter what… you just gotta love!!

You are NOT suppose to owe NO man NOTHING….but LOVE. Sometimes, our thought processes won’t allow it, so it ministers to our hearts to have bitterness and unforgiveness. But wait…you want next level though, right?

Then you simply have to LOVE. Take charge of your thoughts and simply love. I can guarantee you that it will open up so much opportunity if you do it. Love. Let go. Let God. Move forward. And watch your breakthrough…..#Selah

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