Success blog; / Apr 27, 2018

6 Ways to Master Next Level Thinking

#2 Think Outside the Box

“Creativity requires a willingness to look stupid.”
― John C. Maxwell

Look, we’re all about getting to the next level of purpose and destiny! Yep! And that brings me to point 2 of our blog series on mastering next level thinking. You have to be able to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!
That’s right! You have to get yourself out of the box…out of this world that you made for yourself. You know…the world of isolation….the world of “it is what it is”……the world of “I’m good right here”. You see, if you’re not being uncomfortable in this season. If you’re not being stretched, if you’re not being challenged, then chances are….YOU’RE STILL IN A BOX!

Getting to the next level requires you to see beyond that. Seeing beyond where you’re at right now may make you look stupid in the eyes of others and even yourself as John C. Maxwell stated, but I can guarantee it will take you a LONG way in life!
Let me just say this…..if I would have never saw myself doing something outside of teaching school, I would have been 18 years in right now as a teacher! Wow…imagine that! When I started teaching, it was a challenge for me. A challenge to develop my system, my plans…..but once I got rolling, it became easy for me. Then, one day- all of a sudden, God decided to challenge my faith, to challenge my thinking……He wanted to see if I was ready and willing to go to another level. In doing that, I had to be willing to think outside of the box! The box that I was in included me teaching a foreign language called Spanish, but the next level that God was calling me to was to hire people who were native in that language plus 174 more different languages to work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses for the sole purpose of taking them to a global level! Wow, wow, wow!! I never imagined it as long as I was in my “box”, but as soon as God challenged my thinking, I was ready and willing to stretch with Him!

Are you ready?? I mean think about it….thinking outside the box can be scary. It will cause you to get uncomfortable. It will cause you to make some major changes in your life. Are you really ready for that? See, we’re talking about “next level”, right? IF you really want it, then you got to be prepared to stretch. You got to be challenged. You got to get past what others think, and be like NIKE and just do it! You see, when I stepped outside of the box and began to walk on the water towards establishing my translation company, I looked stupid in the eyes of others! You know why? It was because I was in an established position (in my box), and I was taking a risk by stepping out of the boat and choosing to walk on the water!
Are you really ready for your next level? Then I want to challenge you to think about how you can get outside of the box that you got yourself in. #Selah

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