Success blog; / Jul 17, 2020

4 Things While in Quarantine!! #Musts Part 1

On my podcast, The Inner View with Trish M, I have been talking about 4 critical things that we must have while in quarantine. God gave me:

  1. Healthy spirit 
  2. Healthy mind 
  3. Healthy body 
  4. Healthy relationships 

I really spent some time elaborating on a healthy SPIRIT! Making sure your spirit is healthy is so critical! Matter of fact, I gave 14 habits that will help change your life! If you missed it, then you have to check out my FB page, Trish M. It was powerful!

I want to share just a few of them with you:

1) Prayer; silence and solitude: 
Spending time in God’s presence, with or without words, empowers us. It is a privilege and a gift to be able to commune with God through prayer. 

2) Listening to God; spiritual journaling: 
Listening-paying attention-to God’s whispers in our hearts reminds us that God is active in our lives. Writing down prayers, thoughts, questions, longings and hopes proves meaningful to many people of faith. 

3) Private and corporate worship: 
Praising God opens us to the Holy Spirit, reorders our priorities and redirects our paths. Worship connects us to God on a wholistic level. 

4) Bible-reading and study: 
Meditating on God’s Word keeps us focused on God, rather than on our problems and wants. Through the Bible, God speaks to us and guides us personally. 

5) Obeying God’s commands: 
Putting our faith into practice increases our joy. This is one of the paradoxes of faith: when we submit ourselves to God, we find ourselves-and in an odd way; we are freed. 

6) Loving God and our neighbors: 
Surrendering to God leads us to a life of love. God is love, and when we live and serve in Christ, we experience love ourselves. 

7) Stepping out in faith when urged to do something: 
Trusting in God’s guidance strengthens our faith. When we dare to step out in faith, we learn that God is with us wherever we go, and that God is more powerful than our fear. 

I hope this helps strengthens your spirit. Like I said, on my podcast, I dove really deep into these, and I gave 17 different ones. Go back and listen when you get a chance. 

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