Fashion blog; / Jan 20, 2016

Black & Pearls With Trish M

Hello Fabulous! Ok, so I admit. I wore black to camouflage the extra weight I gained from the Christmas holidays! Lol! Ladies don’t we just love black and how it makes us look just a little bit slender than we really are. It’s all good though…either way, we’re still fabulous, and we just have to keep working on being the best that we can possibly be in every aspect of our lives! I’m working on getting to that next level when it comes to that. I have decided to turn away from certain foods that I have a somewhat addiction to that I know…they mean me absolutely no good!!! Lol…well, I’m just telling the truth! No matter what ladies, we work with what we got….making sure to look and feel like the queens that God has called us to be. Now that’s absolutely fabulous!! 🙂

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