Success blog; / Mar 16, 2018

10 Ways… #8 Change Your Habits

So, we made it to step 8 on becoming a better YOU! How cool is that!

Today, I want to talk about changing habits. A habit is something that you do daily without thinking about it. This could be anything from calling someone on the phone, reading a book, going to a certain place, etc. On the negative end, it could be anything from habitually having an attitude, smoking, drinking, sleeping around, cussing, being in lack, being a procrastinator, starting something but never finishing, having great ideas but never doing anything with them, having dreams or visions but half-heartedly pursuing them, etc.

One thing that we need to understand about habits is…..what you habitually do every day will become who you are.
With that being said, I want to ask you……who are you based on your habits? Are you a lover, a fighter, a go-getter, a procrastinator, a dreamer, self motivator, an encourager, a negative “Nancy”, etc. Who are you based on your habits?

Habits will set a foundation for life. It’s up to you to set a foundation that is strong, sturdy and dependable.

What are you doing habitually that’s messing up your foundation?

What are you habitually allowing in your life that’s messing up your destiny?

You gotta know that….. what you allow is exactly what is going to continue in your life!

What are you habitually doing in your life that’s frustrating you?

Who are you habitually allowing to be in your life that’s taking you away from what God desires for your life?

Understand this….what you do every day, or what you habitually allow to happen in your life every day, matters more than what you do once in a while! It matters!

Stop. Evaluate your life. See what it is that needs to be changed. What adjustments do you need to make?
One thing that I know for sure is….if you change your habits, you’ll change your life! You’ll change your destiny!
Your life is the sum total of your habits. Remember that. #Selah

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