Success blog; / Feb 9, 2018


So we made it halfway through on learning how to be a better you this year. Today, my challenge to you is to become more intentional about your life! That’s right! I need you to be intentional on living your best life NOW!

So here are a couple of things that I suggest:

1) Be intentional about being happy. If you’re around people or environments that make you unhappy….then I must say……and this is a HARD truth……your happiness DOESN”T rely on them. It relies on you and how you respond to them! If you’re waiting on people or situations to make you happy, you may be waiting a long time! Happiness comes from within. Be intentional about pulling it out of you. Life is what you make it. What you allow will continue. If you continue to allow yourself to be unhappy because of people, life, environments…’ll never be happy! You have to be intentional about your mind and spirit going to a place called HAPPY!

2) Be intentional about commanding your day! That’s right. Open your mouth and command things to happen throughout your day. But wait… need to envision your day before you declare your day! What do you see happening that will cause you to be fruitful, productive and attract increase and prosperity? Whatever you see, declare it and believe it until God manifests it. You simply have to be intentional about opening your mouth and speaking what you want your day to look like!

Being intentional about life, about living, about being, about doing……will always produce a harvest of abundance. If you intentionally work towards becoming a better you so that you can live a better life, you’ll see the fruit of your labor If you faint not.

Don’t give up! Intentional living will produce intentional results of breakthrough. Simply wait for it! #BeIntentional

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