Success blog; / Jan 26, 2018


So step 4….it’s all about the big R! Yep, today we’re talking about what it takes to become a better YOU in this season of your life, and a big thing to watch is your REACTION!

Just exactly how are you responding to people, life, circumstances or situations?
In this season, in order to become a better you, I challenge you to not allow other people’s actions to make you totally go off…you know like cussing them out, slapping them in the face, harboring anger, bitterness and rejection, etc. Nope, not this time!

Why? Because you’re becoming more mature. You’re becoming wiser. You’re getting better in this season because you’re determined to not allow your actions to cause you to miss the blessings that God has for you!

Not just with people, I challenge you to be more mindful of how you respond to the situations and circumstances of life! Don’t let life get you down to the point where you’re staying down. Oppresion, depression, and regressing back to foolish ways is NOT an option in this season of your life!
You will overcome life. Life will not overcome you!

So in this season of transitioning to becoming the best you that you can be, watch your response.
A winning attitude will take you a lot farther in life than one that always has a point to prove. Reactions are everything. They can make you or break you. Remember that.

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