Success blog; / Jan 19, 2018

10 Steps to Becoming a Better You— Step #3… #OPENNOW #PROPHETIC

So, we’ve made it to step 3 on how to become a better you for this brand new year!
No longer do we want to be the same old…same old….we want God to take us to greater heights and deeper depths, but what we got to first understand is that it all starts with Y-O-U! You’re not waiting on God, He’s waiting on you! So step one, we talked about humility. Step two was all about pushing through. And now….we are ready to explore step 3!

Step 3 is all about being PRESENT! Yep, that’s it! God needs you to be PRESENT! Live in your now. Do in your now. Change in your now. EXIST in your NOW!

It’s not enough to show up for something. You got to be present, which means engaged, giving it your best, getting past your frustrations, getting past your anger, getting past any negative emotion that makes you want to just show up and not exist!

So you can’t just show up in your marriage and think that just cause you’re there it makes a difference….noooo! The devil is a liar! You have to show up in your marriage and live it! You got to exist in it. You got to get past how you feel…no matter the test, trial or tribulation…you got to be the light! You can’t let actions determine your reactions. You have to pass the test…the many tests that may come to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your marriage, on your job, with relationships, with life….it’s all about you showing up and giving it your best shot!

You can show up for something, but be totally disengaged, totally emotionless, totally not feeling it….and totally failing the test that God put in front of you! I got news for you….life is a test….being present is a test! You have to show God that He can trust you. That you can pass the test of your now, by being present in the moment. Be engaged. Be enthusiastic. Be hopeful. Be faithful. Know that as long as you walk in obedience to God and not obedience to your emotions, great things will come from that!

If you allow your emotions, your mindset, your will….you know…..all those things that have to do with your flesh/soul……if you allow those to interfere with you being present, you’re going to miss God. You’ll delay your promises. Instead of becoming a better you, you become a bitter you, a frustrated you, an angry you……..

Life is all about tests. It’s up to you to show up and be present for them, and not only show up for them, but to pass them with flying colors so that you can go on to your next level of breakthrough.

I know it can be hard sometimes, but be present. I know it can be frustrating sometimes, but be present. I know it can be challenging sometimes, but BE PRESENT. God is looking at what you do in your now, in order to see if you’re ready for your next. Be present. Live in the moment. Embrace your adversities. Control your emotions. Be engaged. If you do that, it will help you be a better you in so many areas. Try being more present. See what God does in the midst of it. #Selah

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